During extreme weather, electrical power usage increases. You may use more electrical power to make your home cool in the summer heat and warm during the cold winters. If you’re a business owner, it’s important to keep your facility warm and cool for your staff and customers.

According to the Dept. of Energy, over 50% of a typical home’s energy is used for heating and cooling the occupant space, 18% to heat water, and 6% for lighting. This means it’s important to monitor your use of heating and cooling apparatus. However, there are times when high usage can be an issue for your entire community.

What’s The Difference Between A Brownout And A Blackout?

When there is a high demand for electricity above the utility company’s capacity, the electricity flow is reduced to prevent service interruption. This is called a brownout. A blackout occurs when the electrical services stop due to equipment failure or weather conditions. The brownout occurs to prevent a blackout from happening.

Utility companies create brownouts in certain areas to reduce their capacity and generate more power. This means your home or business has less power, but functioning. The brownouts last from several minutes to several hours, decreasing usage to restore power. The utility company communicates the brownouts to customers, mainly lowering their power usage.

Blackouts are unplanned power outages when the power plant stops providing electrical power. These large service interruptions are spontaneous, usually caused by a transformer malfunctioning.

To protect your appliances during power outages, turn off electronics, not in use, or unplug portable electronics. This can protect appliances or electronics from power surges when electricity is restored.

How Can A Generator Help During A Blackout Or Brownout?

It’s important to have backup power when brownouts or blackouts occur. A generator is great for an alternate power source when power outages happen. Most generators operate on gasoline or fuel, which should be stored in your home safely.

Since blackouts could last for hours, your generator needs enough fuel to last the power outage. Purchase a generator that provides 6000 running watts, to power your household at full capacity. A smaller generator is used for essential appliances.

Take time today to locate a generator, to continue electrical services during a blackout or brownout. This tool is best during a hurricane, so your home or business can function well.