Specialty engineering firms that design, test, and implement electrical systems are referred to as electrical design services. They are companies that employ licensed and bonded engineers whose specialty is designing electrical systems for buildings, from homes and offices to sports stadiums. They can also be done freelance by engineers working through sites such as Fiverr. Electrical design services are a critical part of any new construction work and may also be necessary for building renovations.

There’s a lot that goes into the electrical design including diligent planning, testing, and supervising as the development and installation of electrical components takes place. These components include any power systems, electrical equipment, and communications infrastructure that are used to complete a project.

When sourcing electrical design services for a project, a builder must consider the scale of the project. A residential home may only need a single electrical designer. A 30-story skyscraper may need a team of over a dozen.

Economic Environment

The economic environment for electrical design services in the United States is laden with opportunity. Investor-owned utilities serve 72% of US energy needs. According to Statista, in 2021, five of the ten most valuable electric utilities were United States-based businesses. NextEra Energy and Duke Energy led the pack with market values of $145.27 billion and $87.98 billion as of April 2022, respectively.

With a situation so full of opportunity, good electrical design can optimize your electrical load to minimize costs from transmission power loss. It can set up your electrical distribution system to meet your current and future load requirements with smart, expandable building grids that can even help minimize the use of potentially dangerous solutions like aftermarket power strips.

Facility Lighting Plans and Estimates

Very few facilities, whether from security requirements or density ones, can fulfill 100% of their lighting requirement from natural light. The need for artificial lighting is a constant in the modern environment, especially for second and third-shift workers, and can be a major driving factor in facilities design. Electrical design services will help the builder optimize their lighting plans, including building against future loads, to ensure that their building designs will be able to stand up to their future needs and the needs of any other future tenants in the same building.

Electrical design services provide a wide variety of architectural services. They work in parallel with other architects and engineers to deliver a complete, full-building solution for any power load need. If you want to know more, call Kazar’s Electric today, and discover what services we offer.