Powering your business is not like powering your home. Similarly, residential electrical work is different from commercial electrical work. Most business owners have to contract commercial electrical work to ensure they have the power to conduct their business. You will need to consider some things to understand your business’s power needs better.

The Size of Your Staff

Running your business from a brick-and-mortar location usually means that you will have employees on staff. Each employee will need access to power to manage their jobs. When considering your electrical needs, you must consider the future. You should keep in mind that your electrical needs may change in the near future as your business grows. It is best to have more power than you need than to find you don’t have enough power. Working with an electrical contractor that specializes in commercial electrical work will help you plan for your power needs now and in the future.

Breakrooms and Kitchen Areas

When planning out your power needs, don’t forget to consider the break areas and kitchen areas. These areas require special wiring to support cooktops, coffee makers, refrigerators, and other appliances.

Of course, these areas must be powered safely. These areas often rely on a separate breaker system to ensure safety.

Lighting, Server Rooms, and More

What type of lighting fixtures will your business use? Will you need dedicated power for server rooms, computer equipment, and other types of equipment? These are all questions you should ask yourself when determining what your power needs will be for your business. Most businesses consume far more electricity than residential properties because there is a much higher need for electricity. According to the Department of Energy, businesses consume about 40% of primary energy in the United States and 70% of the overall energy generated annually.

Working with a commercial electrician to decide how much power your business needs and how those needs can best be met will ensure that your business power is adequate. There is a lot to consider and a lot of planning to ensure you have the power you need to do business. Work with a professional and make the process easier. Call Kazar’s Electric today to learn more.