Many patrons will simply walk out of your restaurant if the lighting isn’t quite right. If you want to keep your establishment popular and sought after, you need excellent lighting. That is why it’s so important to find the right options out of the sea of commercial lighting services available.

Here are some top tips outstanding commercial lighting services will use:

1. Different areas need different kinds of lighting.

The kind of lighting each area of your restaurant needs depends on what happens and what your patrons experience in that area.

For example, the table area needs lighting that allows for easy menu-reading. At the same time, though, it shouldn’t be glaring. This will make it hard for people to relax, and they won’t feel a sense of privacy in their space.

2. Remember layering with your lighting.

Layering is important with any kind of lighting but is especially key in restaurants. After you have decided on your ambient lighting, decide on how you will do task lighting. Examples of places where you need task lighting are in the bar space, the reception area, and the table area.

3. Add in attractive accent lighting features.

Accent lighting is a beautiful addition all over your restaurant. It’s especially great in the seating and reception areas. Look into getting pendant lights. This is a great feature patrons can admire while they wait to be seated.

4. Light can make your dishes more enticing.

It’s not just the taste of your food that makes it appealing. Lighting is a factor in how dishes appear when they arrive at the table. If there is poor color rendering, the food may look bland and unappealing.

5. Decide on a lighting theme.

It’s true that different areas of your establishment need variations in how they are lit. However, you should strive for a certain amount of consistency in the general kind of lighting you use. Try to stick with only about three or four different kinds of lighting throughout your restaurant.

Did you know the Ancient Greeks were the first civilization to ever experiment with electricity? This was 2,000 years before Benjamin Franklin. And for good reason. After all, the lighting of our surroundings can make (or break) an experience. This is something commercial lighting services keep top of mind.