A restaurant needs a reliable power supply to facilitate most of its operations. A constant supply of electricity is necessary for creating the right ambiance, and it supports customer service delivery. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a backup system for your restaurant.

Choosing a System to Support Operations

If your restaurant doesn’t have a power supply system, patrons are left in the dark every time there is an outage. Statistics show that buildings use up 40% of the primary energy and 70% of electricity every year. With more than 3,000 outages reported annually, many commercial establishments are forced to close their business.

But the type of standby system you choose will depend on your operations. A turnkey generator is ideal for most commercial applications since there is no interruption during the switch. A restaurant electrical services provider can install a system that will not require manual operation. As a result, no interruption will leave your patrons in the dark during an outage.

UPS Versus a Commercial Standby System

The Uninterrupted Power Supply equipment used for residential applications can only supply power for a few minutes. It can keep the cash register, the computer, and some lights from going for a limited period. However, a turnkey standby system can provide power for hours.

Another difference is a turnkey standby system can change over from the grid to the generator without any noticeable change. The configuration has an automatic transfer switch that ensures a seamless transition.

UPS system can be extended with batteries and can supply power for a few hours. However, they are not usually connected to the mains, and the changeover is manual and time-consuming.

Keeping Food Fresh

Another reason a backup system is crucial for a restaurant is in keeping the refrigerator running and the food fresh. Some foods require a consistent temperature, and a few hours of interruption can mess its quality. Restaurants that deal with seafood or any other meat are especially sensitive. Seafood is highly perishable and must be kept at 40°F or lower which means that your refrigerator or cold room must be running at all times.

Facilitate Comfort and Safety

While you could use a standalone generator, it is much safer to hire electrical contractors in Tampa Florida to install a turnkey system. Unexpected interruptions to the power supply will push your customers away.

A few minutes without the HVAC and lighting is enough to ruin the dining experience. That is why it is advisable to consult a restaurant electrical services provider to install a turnkey system. A standalone system is not good enough for a busy restaurant.

Consider Maintenance Work

Some standby power supply installations may require a lot of maintenance. An older system may need to have its batteries refilled now and again. That would mean hiring personnel to carry out these tasks.

You can opt for systems that use gel-sealed batteries that do not require frequent refilling. You can consult a commercial electrician in Tampa to assist you with developing a viable system for your business.

Electricity is essential in maintaining the quality of service for a modern restaurant. That is why it is critical to install a system that fits the needs of your business. You can consult a restaurant electrical services provider for a turnkey configuration that is efficient and reliable.