Whether you need residential or commercial lighting, there are many trends that you need to consider before buying any new fixtures. The following trends and innovations are likely to improve the overall appearance of your lighting and give you a diverse array of options from which to choose. It’s important to understand the difference between these exciting and up-to-date concepts.

Linear Lighting

The concept of long lines of lighting with simple silhouettes will be in again this year. This option is particularly good for commercial areas because it can provide maximum lighting with minimum difficulty. It also casts minimal shadows, which is an important consideration in many commercial facilities, as shadows can cause higher tripping risks and other concerns that are best avoided.

Statement Lighting

According to Better Homes and Gardens states that statement lighting is likely to be the top lighting trend of 2022. Statement lighting is something that communicates a specific message to people in your area. For example, it might be stating that your home is the most attractive of all the houses in the neighborhood. Or it can be used to emphasize other elements throughout your home, including its overall design in a way that makes your home more attractive.

Oversized Lighting

Residential and commercial lighting has taken a turn towards the larger in 2022 with oversized lighting concepts again becoming popular. A lot of oversized and eye-catching lighting is sure to be at the top of the trending lists of the next few years. Be on the lookout for large and elaborate structures, such as chandeliers, to make a huge comeback. It’s also likely that this lighting will include colorful bulbs to further attract attention and produce even more engaging styles.

Room-Specific Designs

The concept of room-specific lighting is powerful because different rooms often require different moods. A living room needs bright and open lighting, including attractive fixtures that make a room appear more appealing. Bedrooms need more intimate and smaller lighting designs. By contrast, commercial lighting should be bright but not overpowering and match the building’s lighter interior design.

Make sure that you find a residential and commercial lighting professional that fully understands your needs. By reaching out to Kazar’s Electric, you can better understand what options are available to you and which of these trends matches your needs. This step is significant if you want to get the long-lasting results that you want and deserve for your home or commercial facility. Give us a call today!