Given the fact that we rely on household appliances and other electronics on a near-constant basis, it’s no wonder that buildings consume 70% of all U.S. electricity each year. But while we depend on these devices to work without fail, electrical power isn’t a foolproof system. Whether due to outdated wiring, natural disasters, or other faults, you might unexpectedly find yourself without electricity or facing a potentially hazardous situation.

Under these circumstances, it’s important to stay calm and follow a few guidelines. Refer to these safety tips if you’re in the midst of an electrical emergency to ensure you can protect yourself, your home, and your loved ones.


    • Turn Off the Power: In the event of an electrical shock or potential electrical fire, you’ll want to turn off the power source as soon as possible. You should unplug the appliance, if applicable, and switch off the main power switch. You should also turn off the power to your heating and cooling appliances if you experience an outage using the circuit breaker. When doing so, you’ll want to turn off the branch circuits prior to switching off the main breaker.
    • Keep Your Distance: If you have a downed power line or someone in your home has experienced an electrical shock, you should be careful about how close you get. You should stay at least 40 feet away from a fallen power line, avoid contact with any trees nearby, and encourage others to also keep their distance. In the event of an electrical shock, you should resist your instinct to physically comfort that person right away. If they’re still connected to the electrical current, you could also experience electrocution if you come into physical contact with them. You should also refrain from touching the wire or object that caused the shock. Instead, you should quickly turn off the power from the main circuit breaker and call for emergency medical services.
    • Contact a Tampa Emergency Electrician: While your first call should be to 9-1-1 if someone becomes hurt or there’s an immediate hazard to your safety, you should next contact those who provide emergency electrical services Tampa homeowners can count on. Whether you may already be in danger or you’re worried about the harm that certain equipment might cause, providers of emergency electrical services can offer both expertise and peace of mind. If you suddenly lose power, are concerned about the potential for electrical shock, or are experiencing any number of urgent issues with your power supply, emergency electrical services can provide a quick solution while providing the protection you need.


If you have an urgent situation with your home power, we’re here to help. For more on our emergency electrical services, please contact us directly today.