Our pets are beloved members of our families. We must always ensure the safety and well-being of our pets as responsible pet owners. One often overlooked aspect of pet safety is protecting them from electrical hazards in our homes. Our furry friends are at serious risk from electrical hazards, but we can keep them secure with awareness and precaution.

Continue reading to learn about the various electrical hazards pets can encounter and practical tips to minimize those risks.

Secure Electrical Cords

Puppies and kittens, in particular, are naturally curious and like to explore their surroundings. This may cause them to chew on electrical cords, which may cause severe injuries or even death.

To prevent this, try the following:

  • Use cord protectors or cable covers to shield cords from your pet’s reach.
  • Keep lines neatly organized and tucked away so they are less tempting to your pets.
  • Consider running cords through PVC pipes or conduits to make them less accessible.
  • Unplug electronic items or devices such as hairdryers, toasters, and phone chargers when not in use.

Outlet Covers

Pets, particularly cats, may be drawn to electrical outlets. They might use their paws or tongues to investigate, risking electrical shock. Invest in outlet covers or tamper-resistant outlets to prevent such accidents.

Use Pet-Friendly Appliances

Choose appliances and devices that have pet-safe features. For example, opt for appliances with recessed buttons or touch-sensitive controls to reduce the risk of accidental activation by your pets. Additionally, consider devices with shorter cords to minimize tripping hazards.

Keep Water Away from Electrical Devices

Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Ensure your pet’s water bowls are away from electrical devices and outlets to prevent spills that could lead to electrical shocks. Furthermore, ensure your pets are dry before allowing them to be near electrical equipment.

Maintain Electrical Systems

Regularly inspect your home’s electrical systems for signs of wear, tear, or damage. If you notice exposed wires, frayed cords, or malfunctioning outlets, address these immediately. Faulty electrical systems are a danger to your pets and a fire hazard.

Install Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets

GFCI outlets detect when an electrical current to the ground exceeds specific values and quickly shut off power to prevent electrical shock. Installing these outlets in areas where your pets spend a lot of time can help keep them safe.

Surge Protectors: An Essential Safety Measure

Surge protectors are a valuable tool for safeguarding your pets and your home. They help prevent damage to electronics and electrical fires caused by power surges.

Here’s why they are essential:

Protection from Power Surges

Surge protectors divert excess voltage away from your devices and appliances during power surges, ensuring they don’t get damaged. This protection extends to any devices your pets may have access to.

Preventing Electrical Fires

Power surges can overload electrical circuits, increasing the risk of electrical fires. Surge protectors help mitigate this risk by limiting voltage spikes.

Safeguarding Pet-Friendly Technology

As pet owners, we often have devices like pet cameras, heating pads, or aquarium equipment that our pets interact with. Using surge protectors for these devices adds an extra layer of safety.

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