Pool electricians are some of the most highly specialized in their field. Pool electricians are here to help you keep your pool looking and working right! Pools need to have working parts such as motors, pumps, and lighting that keep them from becoming a swamp in your backyard.

Unfortunately, these systems that keep a pool running also have a tendency to break down after use. A pool electrician can help you during the building of your pool through electrical system installation, helping you repair or replace lighting, or helping you repair or replace motors and other parts of your pool.

1. Hiring an Electrician When Building a Pool

Before you install a pool in your home or other property, you will need to pass an inspection and be issued a permit by your local city department. A pool electrician can help during electrical system installation to make sure your pool is properly bonded, grounded, and has up-to-date lighting and functioning parts, and ensure all wiring for your sub-panel is good to go. With the help of a pool electrician, you’ll be able to obtain your permit to build a pool in no time.

2. Fixing Lighting

Lighting can be a blessing and a curse for pools. The best lighting can add a beautiful glow to your pool, while also helping keep you and your family safe by helping you see when swimming in dark conditions. Like all lighting, your pool’s lighting system will eventually break down or short. When this happens, a pool electrician can help you with new lighting and electrical system installation, or to repair light fixtures in your pool.

3. Replacing Motors, Pumps, and Automated Systems

Your pool’s equipment can become permanently damaged in an instant. For instance, 82% of professionals say surge protection is necessary to protect expensive equipment, such as your motors, pumps, and your pool’s automated systems. Sadly, not many people use surge protectors for their pool or maintain them properly. A pool electrician can not only help you maintain your pool, but also aid in electrical system installation of any damaged pool systems.

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Your pool requires a lot of love and maintenance. Here to help with that are pool electricians that can keep your pool looking and running smoothly.