For electrical contractors and emergency electricians, it’s important to consider how our world is evolving and adapting to new industries and technologies. Understanding the way our world is consuming energy is no different! According to The World Counts, we can predict that in the thirty-year time span between 2010 and 2040, our planet will consume 56% more energy than in the past. But what does this mean for our future?

Increased Demand for Power

The global electricity demand is increasing so quickly that our renewable energy sources are not able to keep up. Even though these renewable resources such as hydropower, wind farms, and solar panels are on track to grow and be used more often, it’s still not enough. Renewables are only projected to meet roughly half of the increasing energy demands.

Increased Carbon Emissions

This is not to discount all the good that renewable energy is providing us; rather, we need to ramp up our efforts to put the world on a path toward entirely sustainable energy. Currently, nuclear power and fossil-based fuels are covering the majority of energy demand across the globe, resulting in an all-time high amount of carbon emissions. Additionally, three-quarters of all global emissions reductions are housed in the electricity center, according to the EPA. Coal-fired electricity generation is set to increase its impact while it should be decreasing.

Increased Need to Learn

After the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a quick drop in the global electricity demand, but it has steadily risen since life resumed its normal pace. During 2019 and 2020, we were nearly fooled into believing renewable energy was able to cover the rising energy demand. In reality, there was just an exceptionally low demand due to the pause the world took during those first few months of the pandemic.

The energy crisis is an international issue that most countries are trying to get a jump on. Renewable resources to harness energy are being used whenever possible, but everyone must do their part. Kazar’s Electric understands the history behind energy usage and continues to educate its employees on proper electric techniques and skills. If you live in the Tampa area and are in need of emergency electricians, residential or industrial electrical services, or want to know more about energy usage, give Kazar’s Electric a call today!