Google has become one of the largest energy consumers worldwide, using as much power as more than 200,000 homes, this isn’t the only business that requires substantial energy use. in fact, even small businesses can have large energy footprints — and that can be problematic for several reasons. Not only can excessive energy use make it more difficult for consumers to trust your commitment to sustainability, but it can also have major consequences for your operating budget. If you’re struggling to pay your energy bills each month and you want to show the public that you’re dedicated to waste reduction, here are just a few steps that electrical contractors would suggest you take at work.

Establish Energy-Saving Protocols

Little changes can often make a big impact. Often, energy efficiency starts with adjusting our behaviors. Using LED lights instead of traditional incandescent bulbs or reminding employees to turn off and unplug their devices at the end of the week can actually have major effects on your energy bills. As a team, you should come up with and agree to a list of energy-efficient protocols in which everyone can take part. Involving your employees in this process can be a great way to encourage emotional buy-in and show that even one person can make a difference.

Pursue an Energy Audit

If your goal is to reduce energy waste and save money, you might also consider having an energy audit performed. An energy audit can provide you with crucial information about your current energy use and show you exactly where your business should cut back. This inspection may show that you have opportunities to improve your building insulation or opt for a more energy-efficient electrical system installation. An audit can reveal where your blindspots are and reveal just how much you can save.

Ask About Energy Conservation Services or Upgrades

If you know that certain aspects of your commercial and industrial electrical work are outdated, it may be time to think about new electrical system installation or appliance upgrades. Your commercial or industrial electrical services provider can tell you whether older wiring or HVAC components might be having adverse effects on your bills and your overall energy use. While you may not need new electrical system installation, there might be ways to get more for your money by making upgrades or prioritizing maintenance. Your electrician can be an excellent source of information in your quest to reduce energy consumption.

Because consumers are concerned about the state of the planet, business owners have to be, too. If you’re looking to reduce your energy use (and your bills, while you’re at it), consider these tips to curb your environmental impact.