According to ESFI surveys, about 69% of healthcare centers, 76% of industrial facilities, and 80% of IT centers experience electrical surges at least once a month that can severely damage equipment. But what happens when this is compounded by the threat of natural disasters causing long-lasting power outages?

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1st to the end of November each year, according to the National Hurricane Center. On average this season brings six hurricanes, three major hurricanes, and 12 storms across the ocean with about 40% of those hitting Florida. The question of whether power will be lost is not an “if” but a “when,” even for large commercial or manufacturing industries in the area. But how does a large corporation get back to normal as quickly as possible and how can industrial electrical services help?

The Problem

When the power goes out in a commercial or manufacturing business, production is halted, millions in revenue are lost, and the needs of the clients dependent on those products are not met. Many homes and businesses in areas that are plagued by natural disasters have come to rely on gas-fueled generators as a source of back-up power.

These generators are very efficient at keeping the power on during times of natural disaster. This temporary solution helps ensure that life and business carry on as usual, at least for a short time. These systems can be provided by local industrial electrical services. The problem is that most can only handle the amount of energy needed for a short time, especially in large-scale manufacturing plants and hospitals.

The Solution? Commercial Electrical Services

The answer is relying on commercial electrical services. For example, the use of natural gas or diesel back-up generators allows for much more power to be used and for a much longer amount of time than smaller gas-fueled generators. Your industrial electrical services know this is crucial when faced with the extended power outages that so often occur during and after a hurricane. Talk to your commercial electrical services for more information on diesel generators.

Commercial electrical services will also check that your systems are working at their best. This includes alarms, fire suppression, video monitoring, and relief valves. You also need to ascertain that communication lines also need to be open and working well, as they are vital for any business to recover and succeed. Then there are systems such as industrial lighting service, heat, cooling, or any other electrical engineering design services that are required for essential operations once everyone’s safety is assured.

Industrial electrical services maintain these generators and the systems they are attached to. They also test them periodically to ensure they are running smoothly. Fuel for these energy conservation services can be kept on site to ensure that the generators can run as long as necessary to keep business running and running safely. For more information on generator back-up systems and emergency electrical services, rely on Kazar’s Electric today.