When facing electrical issues at home, it’s important to know who to trust for the job is often a big one. While handymen can be a convenient choice for general home repairs, electrical work demands a different level of expertise and licensing. That’s where certified electricians come in.

Continue reading to learn the difference between these roles and the ideal person to call for electrical work.

The Skills and Expertise

Handymen are versatile individuals, adept at handling various home improvement tasks. This ability makes them the go-to choice for general maintenance and quick fixes. However, electrical systems involve intricacies that demand specialized expertise. Certified electricians possess extensive training in understanding the complexities of electrical work. From wiring to switches, outlets, and electrical panels, their broad knowledge can help manage every aspect of electrical systems precisely.

Safety and Licensing

Safety is non-negotiable when it comes to electrical systems. A professional electrician will have the best tools to execute high-quality electrical work. They will also hold the essential licenses and knowledge of safety standards. This makes them ideal for electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance.

Handymen may lack the depth of knowledge for electrical work. In fact, they shouldn’t work on home’s electrical systems unless they have an electrician’s license. You will risk your home and family if unintentional mistakes occur during the service.

Adhering to Building Codes

Each state imposes electrical regulations and codes for residential electrical systems. These codes encompass the rules and standards to follow when working on electrical systems. Certified electricians will be well-versed in these codes, ensuring that all work complies with the necessary measures. On the other hand, it is your responsibility to verify a handyman’s credentials before electrical work. If you hire an unlicensed person, you’ll be potentially liable for costly repairs or damage. This is because their services do not fall under insurance or warranty protection.

Specialization and Focus

While handymen may claim to be adept at numerous household tasks, certified electricians are specialists who work exclusively on electrical systems. Their daily focus and expertise in all aspects of electrical work, combined with staying updated with the latest electrical service methods and products, differentiate them from handymen. This expertise and specialized skill set are essential for executing and managing all electrical work confidently and accurately.

Cost vs. Value

Cost is a consideration that leads homeowners to choose handymen over certified electricians. It’s important to understand that while this choice may seem cost-effective, the value of expert electrical work outweighs it. Choosing a professional electrician guarantees first-time job completion without any delays. This reduces the risk of future electrical issues. In addition, professional electricians often provide warranties for their work. This gives you an added peace of mind.

A reputed electrician can ensure a safe and lasting service for electrical work. If you’re looking for experienced electricians, Kazar’s Electric Inc. can be your partner. Our team of electrical contractors provides top-quality electrical services to homes and businesses throughout Tampa. Contact us today to request a quote!