When you own any commercial or industrial property, there is no doubt that electricity is of the utmost importance. All businesses require an electrical supply to function properly, including lighting, air conditioning, heating systems, security systems, computers, telecoms, and other essential equipment. That’s why it’s so important to work with top-quality, dependable commercial electrical contractors in Tampa, Florida.

The main types of commercial and industrial electrical services they provide include:

1. Design Services

When building or renovating a commercial property, it’s always smart to consult with a commercial and industrial electrical services provider before the work begins. While you may have an idea of what kind of lighting and electrical system you want, the electrical contractors will be able to guide you in your decision-making process.

2. Installation Services

Once you’ve decided on how to design your commercial property’s electrical system and the appropriate authorities have approved it, installation services can begin. Commercial and industrial electrical installation isn’t a one-person job. You’ll need electricians who are experienced in working with different kinds of equipment. They should also know how to install those systems correctly to ensure no unnecessary strain is placed on them. If the wiring isn’t properly installed, it can damage your property and create a safety hazard.

3. Maintenance Services

Because commercial electrical systems will be put under pressure almost every day, they need to be maintained regularly. Your business may have unforeseeable emergencies that require urgent repairs, so it’s best not to wait until something goes wrong with your electrical system before you call in an emergency electrician. In addition to making sure your equipment is working well, the maintenance services ensure that all of the wires are safely secured and plugged into outlets where they belong.

4. Lighting Services

Lighting is one of the most important factors that affect your business’s bottom line because it directly affects sales. So when you need to replace your old lights with new ones, you should go right to a commercial electrical company for the best results. They can take into consideration things like how much light is needed (brightness/lumens), the length of each lighting circuit (wattage/amp load), and what kind of bulb will be used (halogen bulbs or LED). Before making any changes, it’s always smart to think about how different lighting situations can affect energy costs.

5. Generator Services

Generator services are a specialty of commercial and industrial electrical services because they need to be built properly for safety reasons. Many people assume that generators are only used in the event of a power outage, but it’s best to think about them as another form of an emergency backup. If you end up with an unexpected power outage, these generators can help keep your business running until the problem is resolved.

6. Electrical Safety Code Compliance Consultation

Installers are required to abide by electrical safety codes. If you are planning a remodeling project, you will need an electrician who knows the code requirements for your state and locality.

7. Surge Protection Services

Surge protection is an added layer of security that helps protect your electrical devices from the damaging effects of a power surge. A good commercial and industrial electrician will know how to install all necessary equipment correctly, including circuit breakers, fuses, surge suppressors, and more. In addition to ensuring that everything is installed correctly, they can also help ensure that it continues working properly over time by doing maintenance checks every few months or years.

8. Repair Services

Some electrical services, such as generator installation or commercial lighting, are not things you want to tackle on your own because they require a professional touch for a perfect install. Amateurs cannot complete these services without risking injury or property damage.

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