Did you know that electricity travels at 186 000 miles pour? Nearly close to the speed of light! In case of an electrical hazard, the effects may be fatal. If you can spot potential electric problems, you can contact your local emergency electricians.

Most households and commercial buildings in the U.S depend on electricity for many reasons. And for that reason, you must have a 24-hour emergency electrician in Tampa.

Nobody expects a home emergency. However, you can prepare yourself if you notice one coming. If everyone regarded electric emergencies with seriousness, then you will keenly note the signs below.

1. The Lights are Flickering

In many instances, a flickering light may not be an issue as long as it does not actually go out. However, this could be an indication of more serious troubles, especially if the rest of your home electronics are also malfunctioning. Loose connections in your electrical system can cause a flickering light but it can also indicate a problem with the wiring itself. If you notice that all of your lights are flashing even though nothing else is happening in the house, this might mean that your service line has become overloaded and needs to be repaired or replaced.

2. You Smell Burning Wires

A burning odor is the most obvious sign of an electrical emergency. Burning wires have a very distinct smell of metal or plastic. It is hard to confuse the odor with other burning materials.

Anytime you smell a burning wire, do not waste any time. It is a sign of overheating. Ignoring such a situation can easily lead to a fatal problem. Cut your power and call your 24-hour Tampa electrician.

3. You Have a Noisy Beaker Box

A buzzing beaker box is an indication of an electrical fault. The circuit breaker typically trips and cuts off power when potential danger is detected.

If your breaker box is not functioning properly, the buzzing will alert you to an issue with your electricity system. Contact a local company with emergency electricians when your beaker box is defective.

4. There’s Smoke from an Electric Outlet

As the famous saying goes, where there is smoke…, exactly! Flaming electrical appliances and outlets are some of the deadliest emergencies. A flaming electric system produces smoke, and if you do not call emergency electricians, your life will be in danger.

Always cut the power when you smell or see smoke from any electric outlet.

5. The Lights Go Completely Out or Are Dead

If all of your lights go out suddenly, this could mean that your service line is malfunctioning and causing overloads of power throughout your entire household. You should call an emergency electrician as soon as possible in this instance. If the light is completely dead, this could be due to a problem with the wiring, or it could mean that there is a short somewhere in your panel or other electrical components throughout your home.

6. Over-heated Service Panel

A hot service panel means strong wires are moving along your wires. Since the wires are resistant and sturdy, it takes a heavy current flow to heat the service panel. Other signs to watch for are a browned service panel and frayed wiring.

In case of a power outage or a brownout, carry out safety measures. Always check the blackout source, switch off any electrical appliances, and call your electrical contractor.

7. Your Devices Won’t Turn on Even When You Switch Them to Different Outlets

If you have tried all of your electrical devices in different outlets throughout your home and won’t turn on, this could indicate an issue with the wiring. If you notice issues like this, you’ll want to contact an emergency electrician as soon as possible for further investigation.

24 Hour Tampa Electrician

Electrical emergencies are not a joke! You should always be prepared by having a competent electrical contractor. 24 hour emergency services prevent emergencies from escalating to disasters.

If you need emergency electricians, Kazaar’s Electric Incorporated is your go-to company. Our contractors are skilled in residential and commercial lighting. Contact us today for 24 hour services.