No discovery has had such a transformative effect on the world as electricity. Though most people credit Benjamin Franklin for discovering electricity, ancient Greeks had begun experimenting with it more than 2,000 years before.

Today, electricity has a myriad of applications and is used in virtually everything. It’s so ingratiated into our society, it seems impossible to imagine how life would be without it.

As such, any electrical system installation must be done by a licensed commercial electrician Tampa trusts. This reduces the chances of surges that result from faulty wiring or electrical emergencies. This will prevent minor issues from escalating into something serious.

Read on to find out some of the top signs that suggest you need to call an emergency electrician.

Flickering and Dimming Lights

Have you noticed lights flickering, waning, or dimming when you turn on multiple outlets? This is an indication that there is an issue with your home or business’s electrical system. As time passes, the wiring in your property deteriorates. Paired with home pests, you never know what factors could be damaging your wiring. Whichever the case, it is important to seek electrical design services to have your wiring checked.

But sometimes, you might just need to update your old electrical system. Some appliances use a lot of electricity: if they are not wired to dedicated circuits, they will affect power distribution which causes lights to flicker. For such appliances, it is advisable to have a commercial electrical company install an additional line to service them.

Your Circuit Breaker Trips From Time to Time

A circuit breaker is a vital component in any electrical system. Its primary role is to monitor the circuit and shut it off immediately whenever it detects an overload. This prevents a surge or other complication from damaging the electrical components within your home.

Normally, the breaker trips when there are many high voltage appliances in use at the same time. However, if your breaker keeps tripping or fuses become damaged more frequently, it is an indication that there is an underlying problem with your electrical system.

A Burning Smell Coming From Outlets

When an electrical outlet is overheating, you may notice a burning smell. At times, you might even notice that the outlet has become burnt and discolored. If you notice any smell or brown marks on sockets and switches, switch off the outlet, unplug all the appliances, and call an emergency electrician to avoid a fire.

Buzzing and Humming

Any buzzing or humming sounds coming from your breaker box is an indication that there is a serious problem with your wiring. Since the circuit breaker is supposed to protect your property from any electrical surges, any damage to it leaves you vulnerable.

As such, even the slightest of hums or buzzes should be taken seriously.


When you connect an appliance to an outlet, you may notice a small spark. This is normal. However, when an outlet is overloaded, or the wiring is faulty or was not installed properly, outlets may spark abnormally. Such sparks are:

  • Very big and easily noticeable as they leap out of the plug
  • Lengthy and last more than a second before they fizzle out
  • Colored white or yellow instead of the usual blue

The Age of Your Property

Electrical systems need to be upgraded regularly in order to prevent safety risks. If your property is older than 20 years, the wiring may be antiquated or decaying. Therefore, it may be high time to call on your electrical contractors Tampa trusts.

Electrical safety is all about caution and prevention. As such, any time you notice an electrical issue, it is advisable to have an emergency electrician come over to nip it in the bud. Rely on Kazar’s Electric for more information today.