Most Americans can’t imagine living without electricity. After all, the U.S. consumed roughly 38.3 quadrillion BTUs of electric power in 2018. And while many of us are trying to conserve electricity as much as possible, we don’t want to do without electrical power entirely.

Unfortunately, that could be an unexpected reality for you if you neglect the maintenance and repair of your home’s electrical system. Certain problems are easy to ignore — but if left unaddressed, they’ll result in the need for emergency electrical services. That’s why you’ll want to pay attention to the following five warning signs and call trusted electrical contractors in your area if they sound familiar.

  1. Your Lights Are Flickering: In movies, flickering lights may seem atmospheric or otherworldly. But in real life, you can usually attribute this issue to a loose electrical connection. In some cases, that loose connection could be traced back to the circuit, the breaker box, or the utility drop. Flickering lights can also indicate power surges, which can occur during storms or if the existent wiring cannot handle the demands of the appliances using the power. If you’ve been unable to identify the source and fix it yourself, you’ll want to contact an electrician.
  2. Your Outlets Are Loose Or Hot to the Touch: Although appliances generate heat, the outlets you use to plug in these appliances should not feel hot to the touch. They also should not make buzzing noises or be physically loose in any way. Outlets should be silent, installed correctly, and should not present a burning hazard. If you observe issues like these with your outlets, unplug the appliances immediately and call a professional to troubleshoot the problem.
  3. You’ve Noticed a Burning Smell: Generally speaking, a burning smell signals that something’s wrong. A burning smell may occur when an electrical system becomes so hot that it melts the plastic sheathing on the wiring. Since this is a colossal fire hazard, you’ll need to identify the source and fix the issue as soon as possible. Really, any strange odor coming from an outlet or even a breaker panel. should be investigated right away.
  4. Your Circuit Breaker Trips Frequently: When a circuit breaker trips, it’s actually doing its job; it’s trying to keep your circuit from becoming overheated, which can keep your family safe. If this happens on occasion, you might not have anything to worry about. However, repeated circuit breaker trips might indicate there are other issues at play. You might need to upgrade your home’s wiring system or address other underlying problems. Talk to a professional electrician to figure out what’s going on.
  5. You Suspect Rodent Activity: If you see evidence of a mouse or rat infestation, it’s only natural that your first call might be to an exterminator or pest control specialist. However, you may also need to contact electrical contractors in your area. Electrical contractors know all too well that rodents will often gnaw away at electrical wiring, which can cause exposed wires to spark or overheat. If you’ve discovered evidence of rodent activity, give your electrical contractor a call to check out whether there might be wiring damage.

If any of these signs ring true to you, you’re in need of residential electrical services. The sooner you can figure out what’s wrong with your home’s electrical system, the sooner you’ll be able to protect your family and use your appliances as needed. For more information, please contact us today.