<p>It may be difficult to envision a world without electricity. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the total US primary energy consumption stood at 92.94 quadrillion Btu in 2020. Buildings consume over 40% of primary energy and about 70% of all electricity produced in the nation annually. </p>

<p>Designing and laying out the wiring in your commercial building is an arduous task. Any lapse in judgment may rig your electrical system with frequent faults and safety risks. As a property or plant manager, here are five mistakes to avoid as you pick out commercial and industrial electrical services. </p>

<h3>1. Forgetting to Check Their Portfolio </h3>

<p>Electrical requirements in a commercial setting may notably differ from those of residential electrical services. A quick way to assess the experience and skills of the contractors is to request their portfolio of their completed projects. Industrial electrical work may require electrical engineers that can reduce your energy consumption without sacrificing efficiency. Request to see the work profile of sites completed in the past. Do the projects have similar scope or size to yours? You may eliminate the contractors with less experience that may cost you time and money. </p>

<h3>2. Ignoring Their Safety Records </h3>

<p>Electricity is dangerous if mishandled. Traveling at the speed of light, a slight mishap from the technicians can result in workplace accidents. All companies providing commercial and industrial electrical services will have records on safety and measures undertaken to protect their staff. The staff should have professional and safety equipment for work. A firm that skirts around employee safety is also likely to compromise on other aspects of the commercial wiring service. </p>

<h3>3. Overlooking Their Unique Service Offerings </h3>

<p>Commercial and industrial electrical services involve assessing a building’s potential energy consumption and providing innovative solutions to maximize energy efficiency. The scope of work may include electrical engineering design services, commercial lighting, energy conservation services, administrative services, among others. As you qualify the different contractors, ensure that you pick out a company that specializes in the services that you need. </p>

<h3>4. Picking Out the Electrical Contractor with the Least Quote Price </h3>

<p>The cost of the commercial and industrial electrical services may vary depending on the scope, complexity, and nature of the project. It can be tempting to go for the cheapest commercial electrician that you find as part of a cost-saving plan. However, this may end up being a costly error in the long run. Look for commercial electrical companies with firm relationships with their suppliers to get more reliable quotations. </p>

<h3>5. Failing to Follow Up on References Provided </h3>

<p>One of the easiest ways to assess commercial and industrial electrical services is to analyze what other clients say about the company. You can request the contractor to provide you with a list of references to past customers. Remember to follow up on the contacts given, inquiring about their relationship with the electrical contractors. </p>

<p>You may need to pick out experienced contractors for commercial and industrial electrical services. Avoiding the five mistakes above can protect you from scrupulous technicians that can botch up your project. To request an estimate for your project, reach out to Kazar’s Electric today. </p>