In 2018, the U.S. consumed about 38.3 quadrillion Btu of electric power, with industries accounting for a large percentage of energy consumption. If you are a business owner with an industrial facility such as a factory or chemical plant, electricity is essential for your business since it provides industrial lighting. An industrial lighting service can install lights in your building and improve your workers’ safety and productivity.

Additionally, industrial lighting can make your plant more secure. Thinking of seeking the services of an industrial lighting company to install lights in your facility? Before the industrial electrical work is done, here are some important factors you should consider:

Cost of Lighting

Running an industrial facility can be costly. As a facility owner, you have to pay for raw materials, labor, insurance, and more. Therefore, bringing down your production costs is vital. You can reduce your overhead costs by cutting down on your energy consumption. If you are using traditional bulbs for your facility, consider switching to LED lighting. While the initial cost of installing LED lights is high, they can cut down on your energy costs in the long run. LED lights will cost your business considerably less because they last longer than conventional bulbs. What’s more, LED lights use 25-80% less energy than conventional bulbs. If you want to reduce your utility costs, get an industrial lighting service to install LED lights in your facility.


Some industrial lights emit more heat than others. If your facility has equipment, machinery, or products that are sensitive to heat, you should consider getting industrial lights that emit minimal heat. Apart from guaranteeing the safety of your equipment, machinery, and products, lights that emit minimal heat will enhance your employee’s and customer’s comfort too. Generally, LED lights are ideal because they emit almost no heat at all. However, before you opt for LED lights for your facility, consult an electrical contractor to advise you on the best lights for your facility.


Industrial facilities can be fairly noisy. While eliminating the noise from machinery can be difficult, you can get rid of noisy lights. If your facility still uses old fluorescent lights, you are probably familiar with the buzzing or humming sound they sometimes make. This sound can irritate your employees and affect their productivity. Want to stop it? With the help of an industrial lighting service, you can ditch old fluorescent lights for modern LED lights that are almost soundless.

Color Temperature

Lights have varying temperatures. On one end of the spectrum, they can be blue, while on the other end, they can be yellow. Choosing the right color temperature for your facility is important. While yellow is better for some facilities, blue is better for others. If you are uncertain which color temperature is suitable for your facility, electrical contractors can help.

Environmental Impact

Today, many companies are working towards being sustainable. Moreover, customers are increasingly keeping an eye on environmentally conscious businesses. Switching to environmentally-friendly lighting is great for your business’s image. What’s more, it will reduce your facilities’ carbon footprint and utility costs too. Overall, going green will be great for your business.

When considering industrial lighting for your facility, consider the factors above. And if you have more concerns, talk to an industrial lighting service to advise you further.

To learn more about industrial lighting, get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a viable solution for your facility.