Whether your business is constructing a new building or performing a build-out in leased space, electrical engineering design services may be necessary. After all, these services are made to provide a safe environment for your employees, provide continuity in your business, and offer a pleasant environment for your customers. Here are five examples of electrical engineering services that you may not have considered in your construction plans:

Power Distribution

There is nothing more disruptive than losing electrical power. Luckily, one of the most disruptive forms of power loss, namely an imbalanced power distribution system, can be prevented with proper power distribution. While this serves to protect any sensitive equipment from overloads and prevent fires, the loss of power and the time and effort needed to reset the circuit breakers can be a major disruption to your business. Electrical engineering design services can balance the power distribution in a business space so that the electrical system is adequately powered, but not overloaded at peak use.

Emergency Backups

Again, we all take electrical power for granted until it is not there, but electrical engineering design services can mitigate the loss of power. Sometimes, loss of power is not preventable, such as during natural disasters. When power is lost, emergency backups, such as a generator system that automatically kicks in when electricity is lost, may mean the difference between keeping the business going and shutting down.

For some businesses, such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, hotels, and security companies, loss of power may not be an option. This loss of power becomes a huge safety issue for patients that rely on consistent power and customers that expect their goods to stay safe. But even shops, restaurants, and office buildings may need emergency backups to safely evacuate the premises and shut down essential systems.

Emergency Systems

Related to emergency backups are emergency support systems. For example, power must be supplied to fire alarms, fire suppression systems, emergency lighting, exit lighting, and many other systems. While these systems are rarely used, the safety of your employees means that it must function perfectly when needed.

Surge Protection

According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, somewhere between 60-80% of costly surges originate from sources inside a home or business. Surges can not only trip circuit breakers but they can also damage the electrical system and any electronic equipment relying on power in your home.

Electrical engineering design services can reduce or eliminate the sources of electrical surges, along with preventing surges from damaging electronic equipment. For businesses and their customers that rely on electronic equipment design services to prevent and mitigate electrical surges may be essential to the business.

Lighting and Sound

While many people would place data above lighting, commercial lighting is essential to every business. Electrical engineers not only design lighting systems based on their power needs and power distribution, they often work with a commercial lighting company that can supply the light fixtures that meet the interior design considerations within a commercial space.

Although most businesses are attuned to their commercial lighting needs, many businesses neglect their sound system until late in the design process. Electrical engineering design services can include the design of sound systems, connecting speakers to the output devices within the parameters of the entire electrical system.

In sum, electrical engineering design services can make the difference between a business that runs smoothly and a business that lurches through its operations. For more information regarding electrical engineering and design services, rely on the experience of Kazar’s Electric.