In addition to saving you money, a lowered electricity bill will increase energy efficiency and decrease the environmental pollution that your household produces. With the occasional help of electrical contractors when appropriate and improved lifestyle habits, you can implement the four tactics below and have a lowered electricity bill.

1. Frequently Change Air Filters

By frequently changing your air filters, you can prevent your HVAC system from working excessively due to dirty and clogged air filters. HVAC systems that have to work strenuously are common energy wasters. The appropriate times to replace _your filter will depend upon the size of your filter and its brand. More often than not, the average air filter needs to be replaced every 60 to 90 days.

2. Reduce Hot Water Use

Thankfully, there are various habits that you can implement in your life to reduce your household waste of hot water. First, take a shorter shower to conserve lots of hot water. Set a timer each time you shower to create this habit. Second, wash your clothes with cold water instead of hot. This change is easy with a simple preference change on your washer. Third, install energy-efficient appliances in your household, which reduces hot water use. An electrical contractor can assist with some of these installment processes.

3. Decrease Home Lighting Use

Decreasing your home lighting use can result in a lower total electricity bill. You can lower light use in numerous ways. First, install dimmer switches, with the help of electrical contractors, to easily adjust the brightness level of your lights. Second, you can swap out your lightbulbs and use LEDs. This lightbulb type will conserve energy more efficiently than average lightbulbs.

4. Reduce Appliance Use

According to, plugged-in appliances account for 5 to 10 percent of your monthly electrical bill! With this in mind, keep all small appliances–can opener, blender, toaster–unplugged until you need to use them. Additionally, you can reduce the use of larger appliances–like dishwashers, washers, and dryers–by only using them when they are at capacity and the work is necessary.

Start reducing your energy bill today by changing your lifestyle by changing air filters, reducing hot water use, decreasing home light, and reducing appliance use. Additionally, call Kazar’s Electric to implement new energy-saving features into your home today!