When choosing an electrician after moving to a new location, there are a lot of different factors for homeowners to consider. After all, an electrician is responsible for ensuring that your home is properly maintained and functional in many ways. For that matter, you never know when you might experience an electricity crisis, leading you to need emergency electrical services. There is a great deal of trust that we therefore place in our electricians — and it can be difficult to know whether or not that trust is warranted until an electrician actually gets to work.

That’s why we’re looking into a few of the tips you may want to keep in mind when searching for a provider of residential electrical services after a move. You may be given many different options, but the sooner you can select the right electrician for your needs, the better.

1. Do They Have Backup?

You may have a preferred electrician you like to work with, but it’s worth asking about what will happen if you have a need for emergency electrical services at a time when they’re unavailable. Some electricians work as part of a company, which means that you may have less control over who is dispatched to your home at any time. But this does ensure that you have 24-hour access to an electrician. Furthermore, some electricians choose to enter into partnerships with other independent electricians. This way, they can provide backup to each other if they have clients in need.

It’s incredibly important that you have access to emergency electrical service, especially if you live in an area prone to hurricanes. It’s all too easy for heavy rain and winds to knock out your electrical system. And if anyone in your household depends on electricity to power medical devices, you can’t go without it for long. Your emergency electrician may also recommend that you invest in a home generator, which is certainly worth considering.

2. Can They Help You Become Energy Efficient?

Some electricians can actually help you save money by recommending energy-efficient devices or systems. Energy efficiency is a concept that many American households have steadily been moving toward. Though the American economy has grown by 30% since the year 2000, our energy expenditure as a nation has not risen — and this is largely thanks to the move toward energy efficiency.

You’ll want your electricians to be aware of energy-efficient methods and equipment simply because it indicates that they’re keeping up with the industry around them. Furthermore, if this is a priority for you (as it should be), make it clear. Homeowners can save a lot of money in their energy bills by making the shift towards energy-efficient appliances and fixtures.

3. What Do Their Reviews Say?

Feel free to visit online message boards or local community groups for recommendations. If you’re new to the area, you probably won’t know that many people personally. But if you do, ask them for their personal reviews. You can trust the word of people that you know.

Many electricians also have online reviews that you can sort through. They may also be listed in online referral sites, where you can sometimes get discounts and other great deals on services.

4. Who Does Your Contractor Recommend?

If you’re doing any work on your new home, you should ask your contractor for a referral. Contractors work frequently with electricians, so chances are that your contractor will have gotten to know a few over the years.

If you’re looking for an electrician that can provide emergency electrical services if need be, a contractor is a particularly great referral source. Often, contractors need electricians that can arrive at the last minute and provide reliable, high-quality work. Their reviews should be taken seriously.

When choosing an electrician, you’ll want to find someone who is not only reliable but experienced. An experienced, well-trained electrician can not only help you fix problems within your home, but prevent other issues from arising in the first place.