Electricity is critical for your house’s efficient running and comfort. Your electrical system is what powers your lights, appliances, and heating and air conditioning systems. If your electrical system is not to code, it could cause electric shocks or fires. However, there are some ways you can know if your electrical system is up to code.

New Construction Building

It should be up to electrical code if your home or building was built in the last twenty years. If your house was built back in the 60s or 70s, the builders most likely used aluminum wiring because of copper shortages. However, even though aluminum wire carries an electrical current and copper wire, it is no longer up to code. If you do not have copper wiring, you may consider contacting emergency electricians to determine if it needs an upgrade.

GFCI Outlets

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are required as a safety precaution in any area where there is moisture. A GFCI outlet prevents electrical shock. These outlets have buttons allowing you to test and reset them. They are required in bathrooms, laundry rooms, outside, and anywhere near a water source. If you do not have proper GFCI outlets in your house, contact emergency electricians to have them installed.

Circuit Breakers

Electrical code requires that the wiring in your home is adequate to meet the electrical demand. If your circuit breakers trip often and need resetting, your demand is too much for the wiring and, therefore, not compliant with code. This problem could also indicate that there are voltage surges in your home. A survey done by ESFI shows that voltage surges so severe they can damage equipment happen at least monthly I’m 69% of healthcare centers, 67% of industrial facilities, and 80% of IT centers. If you notice surges or tripping circuits, contact emergency electricians right away.

Your family and home must be safe from electrical problems. What may seem like a minor electrical issue may cause significant damage and even fire. Please do not ignore these issues; contact emergency electricians right away to test and inspect your electrical system to ensure that it is code compliant and safe.