Power outages can be caused by many different factors and disasters including hurricanes, severe weather, line damage near your home, or local power line maintenance. If your area frequently experiences thunderstorms that knock out power to your home, surge protection is especially important.

Over 80% of professionals surveyed stated that surge protection was a must-have to protect expensive equipment. You can opt for individual surge protectors for specific items, or electrical contractors can install whole house surge protectors.

In addition to surge protectors, it’s important to have the following items to prepare for a power outage:

Portable Generator

Purchasing a portable generator helps ensure that you have power for your most important electrical equipment during a power outage. You’ll be able to cook, charge your cell phone, and run basic electronics for limited time periods. This is especially important if you live with children, the elderly, or someone who needs electronic medical equipment.

Weather Radio

A weather radio allows you to tune in to national weather service broadcasts to learn about ongoing weather alerts in your area. If possible, select a radio with both a battery and an alternate charging option. Many weather radios are now available that can be charged by hand crank or solar power so that they can be utilized even if you’re out of batteries and have no electricity in your home. Weather radios allow you to stay aware of severe weather in your areas, such as hurricanes and thunderstorm warnings so that you know if you need to move to a safer area in your home or if you’ll need to evacuate.

Nonperishable Food and Water

Stock up on a selection of nonperishable food and water, so that you’ll have what you need to get through a power outage. Ideally, you’ll have 3-5 days worth of food and water stored for each person in the household, so that you won’t have to worry about making it out to a grocery store in bad weather. Purchase canned foods with pop-top lids, or pack an extra can opener with these supplies so that you know you’ll be able to access them in an emergency.

Power outages are inconvenient, but they don’t have to be dangerous. Spend some time preparing in advance by installing surge protectors, purchasing a weather radio and a generator, and stocking up on food and water. This will allow you to keep the members of your household safe and comfortable until the power comes back on.

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