Everyone runs into electrical problems from time to time. Maybe you have an overloaded circuit that trips a circuit breaker every time you run the microwave oven. Or maybe you have a bad outlet that occasionally stops working for no apparent reason.

It can be tempting to try to fix the problem yourself. The Internet has convinced everyone that they can be an expert in anything as long as they watch enough online videos. However, there are good reasons to hire emergency electrical services rather than attempting to fix electrical problems yourself.


Electricity is dangerous. Electrical hazards kill about 300 construction workers per year. These accidents affect professionals who take precautions against electric shocks.

At the novice level, about 30,000 non-fatal electrical shocks happen in the home every year. This is around 90 people every day who are not deliberately messing with their electrical system.

A severe electrical shock can send your heart into arrhythmia. The electricity not only interferes with the heart, but can also overload the nervous system, paralyzing you and causing your muscles to involuntarily spasm. Moreover, the location where you are electrocuted can suffer severe electrical burns.

More likely than electrocution is an electrical fire. An electrical fire can occur while you are making repairs or, more likely, at some point in the future after you turn the electricity on after finishing the repair. Improper grounding can cause short circuits. Exposed wires can arc, creating heat and sparks. Using the wrong gauge wire can lead to overheating. In any of these situations, a fire can start.


Although Tampa emergency electricians cost money, you will likely find that it is cheaper to call for emergency electrical repairs rather than trying to fix it yourself.

  • Tools. Electricians have a truck full of specialized tools, testing devices, and safety equipment. You could end up spending more in tools to gear up for some DIY electrical work than you would have paid for emergency electrical repairs.
  • Re-doing the work. If you make the problem worse, you could pay for more emergency electrical repairs than you should have paid for the original problem.
  • Repairing the repair. If the problem recurs because you did not repair it correctly the first time, you will need to hire an emergency electrician to do the repairs correctly.

Less Risk of Further Damage

Emergency electricians are experienced and educated to avoid doing further damage to your electrical system and anything connected to it. One mistake while repairing your electrical system could fry your circuit breaker panel, clothes dryer, and TV. According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, 60-80% of surges originate from within a home or business.

Electricity is nothing to mess with. It can be dangerous to you and your home to attempt DIY electrical repairs. Moreover, hiring an emergency electrician will likely be less expensive and less likely to cause further damage to your electrical system.