Did you know that electricity travels at the speed of light? That’s around 186,000 miles per second!

Sometimes, though, it can feel like the electricity at your home is slacking off. Whether part of your home suddenly loses power, lights and appliances switch on and off sporadically, or you have a full blackout, these are times when you must rely on emergency electrical services to keep the power going. In a world where we’re used to having electricity available constantly to answer our every want and need, dealing with an unexpected electrical problem can be frustrating.

Nobody ever wants to make the call to emergency electrical services because of a problem, but when it happens, it’s typically for one of the following three reasons.

A Circuit Breaker was Tripped

Circuit overload happens when too much power is demanded in one section of the house, through a single circuit. Overloading a circuit causes the circuit breaker to trip, plunging a portion of the home into darkness. Most homeowners are aware that they can simply check the breaker box for a tripped breaker before panicking and calling an emergency electrician. But others don’t know how a breaker box works, and rely on an electrician to help them.

However, there are occasions when a tripped breaker is a sign of a deeper problem. Residential electrical services can find out why the breakers are tripping and take action to prevent it from happening again.

A Sudden Blackout Occurs

Having one or two rooms in your house suddenly lose power may be an annoyance, but for most people, having their entire house go dark is deeply concerning. When you experience a total blackout, the first thing you should do is check with your neighbors to find out if they’re without power as well. If everyone on your street is experiencing a power outage at the same time, it’s a problem that only your electrical company can remedy, so the best thing you can do is call to make sure they know about it.

On the other hand, if your home is the only one in your neighborhood to mysteriously lose power, first double-check to ensure you paid your electric bill for the month. If you did, contact emergency electrical services to get help.

Lights or Appliances Flicker On and Off

If the lights in your house are flickering sporadically, it can seem like nothing more than a minor annoyance on the surface. However, it can be a symptom of a serious electrical problem lurking within your home. If power comes and goes to your lights or other electrical devices at random, it’s very important that you reach out to emergency electrical services right away. This is critical to ensure your family’s safety and prevent more serious issues.

Contacting Emergency Electrical Services

An important thing to remember any time you’re dealing with electrical problems is that, no matter what seems to be going on at the surface, there’s always a cause for concern. Even something as simple as faulty wiring can cause electrical shocks or house fires. If there is any reason at all to doubt the integrity of your home’s electrical system, you should take it seriously. Because of this, don’t hesitate to contact emergency electrical services. If a situation turns out to be a very minor problem, a good electrician can quickly put your mind at ease. And if there really is something serious going on, it’s important to find out sooner rather than later.

To make sure you’re always prepared for an electrical issue or emergency should one arise, find a great electrical contractor that offers electrical emergency services on-demand. It’s important to find an electrician with prompt, friendly service. Most of all, find someone with the background, experience, and qualifications to authoritatively assess and resolve complex electrical problems. When you experience a real electrical emergency, however serious it is, you’ll be glad you got prepared.