Humble beginnings…

Dave Kazar pictured with his mother, Carol Swann the Vice-President of Kazar’s Electric

Growing up as a third generation business owner, I was destined to be one.  Watching my father, run a gas station, a home heating and oil Company and lastly a used car lot.  I have been around all of the challenges, the highs and the lows that come with the huge responsibility of owning a business. Today, Kazar’s Electric employs on the average 80 people strong which for me is one of my biggest accomplishments as a business owner, thus far. I am so honored to have such a wonderful staff from in the trenches to estimating, even to data entry.  All of these functions are vital to maintain such a wonderful business. I am also so blessed to have the best customers in Florida, I look at these relationships as a friendship and in some cases a family. Without my customers, my employees, my family and my faith in the Lord none of this would be possible. As a kid strait out of High School, I decided that college was not for me and that I should learn a trade. So into the electrical field I went, with the help of a sweet man named Johnny Lattner, he took a chance on me in 1987.  I went thru the ABC Apprenticeship Program which put me in business in 1991 and never looked back since. Trust, honesty, dedication, respect, loyalty and providing a fair price for services rendered are the foundations of Kazar’s Electric. These days we are growing, serving Florida with pride as we forge new relationships, new clients and new opportunities. To those who know me and to those who I share these relationships with, I thank you for making Kazar’s Electric what it is today.

Thank you for your time to getting to know what Kazar’s Electric is all about.

David Kazar
Owner & President