According to the Department of Energy, more than 50% of the average home’s power is used for heating and air conditioning, while only a combined 24% is used for water heating and lighting.

However, industrial electrical work is much different from residential electrical services. And when you need to hire a commercial electrical company for restaurant electrical services, you know you want the best company for the job. How do you decide who to hire?

The following are some tips for finding the right restaurant electrical service for your business’s needs.

Commercial vs. Residential Electrical Services

Commercial electrical services apply to any form of installation or upgrade in a commercial facility’s electrical system. Such commercial areas include office buildings, schools, apartment complexes, hospitals, and restaurants, to name a few.

Commercial and industrial electrical services are much different from residential services. The wiring and energy demands in a commercial facility are much more complex than those inside homes due to their sheer size and need for larger capacities. This distinct difference makes it even more important to find a restaurant electrical service company that knows how to work in an industrial setting.

Why You Should Choose Just One Company

When you’re looking for the right restaurant electrical services, it can be tempting to simply look up which company is offering the cheapest and fastest services at the moment. However, it’s far better to choose a great company with whom to build a professional relationship.

A single full-service company can provide consistent services for all of your restaurant electrical needs. By getting all of your services done by one company, you save time and money in the end — which is why you should look for a full-service company, as opposed to hiring multiple smaller companies. And by building a valuable professional relationship with an electrical company, you will be able to count on them when you need their help the most.

How to Find and Choose a Restaurant Electrical Service Company

A simple web search can turn up results for many local contractors in your area offering electrical services. However, you should remember that electrical companies must have a license to be valid. Find out if the service you’re considering is licensed before you go any further.

While online, check out reviews for the different services you find. Later, speak to fellow business owners on the phone and find out what services they use. Recommendations from people in the same line of work you do can sometimes be the most valuable source of information.

Once you have a shortlist of potential electrical companies to hire, you should schedule meetings with their owners or representatives. Bring a written outline of everything you need to be done at your restaurant to help direct the conversation. The business owner or representative will be able to tell you whether they are capable of doing all the services you need or not. Also, you will be able to judge by their tone and manner whether or not they seem truly confident in their ability to deliver.

While visiting with the owner or representative, request to see their portfolio of work samples from past jobs they have completed. This will give you a clearer idea of their experience and expertise.

You should also ask to be connected with their past clients so you can speak directly with those who have worked with the company. When you meet with these past clients, ask them if the company stayed within budget; if they met deadlines; and how they handled problems as they arose. This will give you the best possible understanding of how competent and trustworthy the company really is.

Finally, it will be time to request an estimate from the company or companies you feel most comfortable with hiring. They will conduct evaluations of your building and assessments of your project. They may suggest ways for how you can cut costs and increase eco-friendliness. The final estimates should be descriptive and well-organized, giving you the most accurate breakdown possible of what you can expect if you go forward with that company.

At long last, it will be time for you to strike a deal with that company — and get your long-awaited project done. Contact Kazar’s Electric for all your restaurant electrical service needs.