Every year, commercial and residential properties consume 40% of the energy and 70% of the electricity in the United States. There are many reasons for your business to conserve energy, including:

  • Lower costs
  • The conservation of non-renewable resources, like natural gas, coal, and petroleum
  • Reduced carbon emissions

Additionally, reductions in energy use make it easier for individual businesses and the electrical grid as a whole to transition to renewable energy sources.

While the desire to conserve energy may be easily understood and felt, many businesses lack the ability to turn that desire into practice. Some measures for conserving energy require electrical engineering services. Here are four ways electrical contractors in Tampa Florida can provide energy conservation services:


It is easy to forget about wiring when developing an energy conservation policy. However, wiring that is improperly installed, old, damaged, or inadequate can drain electricity or waste it as heat. Heated wires can lead to problems through melting wire insulation, exposing the wires. This not only wastes electricity, but it also creates a risk of short circuits, fire, and electrocution. Similarly, wires improperly installed, such as by inadvertently short circuiting to plumbing, can waste electricity by sending electricity to ground.

Electrical design services can test your electrical system by looking for voltage drops in the wiring that would suggest a problem. Voltage drops mean that energy is being lost before the electricity reaches the sockets or fixtures.

A commercial electrical company can remedy these problems by rewiring the troubled sections of your electrical system. These services are not only energy conservation services but also electrical safety services.


Most people are familiar with energy-efficient light bulbs and it takes zero electricians to change a light bulb. However, the Energy Star program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy also certifies light fixtures. According to the Energy Star program, certified light fixtures use 90% less energy than old incandescent light fixtures and produce 70-90% less heat. Consequently, hiring a commercial electrical company to replace light fixtures not only reduces electrical costs, but it also reduces cooling costs, providing a double benefit to these energy conservation services.


A large part of electrical engineering services is load balancing. The electrical system in your business contains multiple circuits leading to electrical sockets and fixtures. Particularly for older buildings, electrical circuits were laid out with very different electrical consumption in mind.

If your lights dim when you turn on your computer or a circuit breaker trips every time you the air conditioner and photocopier run at the same time, your business might be wasting electricity. Circuits and electrical equipment run inefficiently when under strain and your business may need a commercial electrical company to test the circuits and re-balance loads. These energy conservation services can ensure that the circuits and loads receive the electricity they need to run efficiently.

Occupancy Sensors and Programmable Controllers

Turning electrical devices off when they are not in use always uses less electricity than leaving them running.

However, people can be excused if they occasionally forget to turn off the office lights. One of the most effective energy conservation services is installing timers and motion sensors for lights. Installing a programmable HVAC thermostat is another way to save on your heating and cooling costs.

Energy conservation services can make your business more cost-efficient, safer, and more carbon conscious. Ready to transform your business for the better? Rely on Kazar’s Electric to help your business blossom.